Originalni naziv: Pura sangre

Žanr: drama

Trajanje: 91 min.

Godina proizvodnje: 2006

Zemlja porekla: Španija, Argentina, Francuska

Jezik: Španski

Scenario: Leo Ricciardi

Režija: Leo Ricciardi

Uloge: Oscar Alegre, María Galiana, Yaco Levy

Santiago is a nine-year-old boy who lives in the city. His parents die in a car accident just when his estranged family is about to reunite, so he has to go and live in the country with his grandfather Juan, whom he has never met. Juan is a blunt, silent and bad-tempered man. He will have to take care of his grandson, who was the reason why he fell out with his daughter Clara many years before, when she got pregnant at a very young age. Perhaps Juan will consent to the possibility of understanding his new reality… and accept, understand and love again. At the same time Santiago, in his childish and apparently painless world, may be able to understand his new reality, get to know his grandfather and accept his new home. Pura Sangre is the story of a very special boy, a surly, strict and usually absent grandfather, a loving and inquisitive old woman, two adults who are attracted to each other and insecure, a silent witness in a wheelchair, news from the city that disturbs a false and imposed peace and an unexpected accident that will dramatically change this family’s reality once again.